Adult Driving Instruction

Many adults find themselves in need of learning how to drive later in life. Premier  Driving School  has programs that cater to new drivers of any age. Our adult driver training program and behind the wheel instruction assists new adult drivers in gaining skill and confidence, and ultimately passing the DMV license test.

Premier Driving School's program prepares new drivers for the road ahead by teaching safe driving habits and decision-making skills. Throughout the driving courses they will learn basic driving fundamentals, defensive driving techniques and receive assessments and feedback on their progress. Many times we have found that adults require more personalized attention so the first step is to schedule a 1:1 assessment with our expert instructors to determine the best course of action. 

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Make sure you are still safe on the road.

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If you have concerns about your driving skills and abilities or if you have an aging parent who has been on the road for years it may be time for a driving skills assessment. Maturing eyesight, hearing, reaction time or medical conditions such as the onset of Dementia could affect a person's driving ability. Premier Driving School Driver Assessment helps individuals and families determine whether or not driving is still an option. It takes approximately 2 hours and we provide a detailed report and recommendation based on performance. If a client is in need of “brushing up” on specific skills we can design a customized program to meet specific needs. It is important that all of us stay safe on the roadways; call us today to schedule your assessment.